Sunday, June 21, 2009

A PSA from the Reel Deel

Hello friends, and welcome.  With our constant endevour t0 bring you an enjoyable and informative movie review experience, we here at The Reel Deal have decided to make some changes to our format.  No need to worry, it will be a simple adjustment.  But before we explain, there is a more pressing issue that must be addressed.  Here's your designated reviewer to elaborate.

If you'll think back (or just scroll down) to the Reel Deal review of Terminator Salvation, there was an actress who's performance I commented on, whom I referred to as "Moon Bloodgold".  Well, it has come to my attention that I have been incorrectly spelling (and hence incorrectly pronouncing) the 33 year-old actress name since the first time I'd read it off the movie poster for 2007's Pathfinder.  Her name is Moon Bloodgood, not Bloodgold.
 I'm sure that this error has completely ruined my otherwise perfectly plausible chances at being with her, but I would still like to extend a sincere apology on behalf of myself and The Reel Deal.  I hope it's not too late.  She could very well be reading that review and cursing this blog at the top of her lungs as I type... but on the other hand, she did star in Streetfighter: The Legend of Chun-Li earlier this year- so maybe she'd be willing to call it even. 
As to the change in format mentioned early, here's the deal:
Every time I mention an actor or actress in a review, I follow it up with what I feel is another notable performance of theirs.  I do this for two reasons: 1.) Because I want to be helpful and suggest other great movies I've seen.  2.) Because it gives me an excuse to mention movies that don't really fit the criteria for a full Reel Deal review.  However, the mentioning of all these titles tends to clutter my reviews and break up the reading- so I'm going to be taking a new approach.
From now on at the end of a feature review, or any other Reel Deal article, I am going to be including a segment I call Reel Deal Recommends.  Here you will find a quick list of all the actors, or actresses mentioned in that article, as well as my recommendation on another movie of theirs you may enjoy.  My hope is that this will somewhat streamline the reviews while still allowing me to reminisce.  
I hope you find this new format to your liking, and remember- we're all counting on you.


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