Friday, March 11, 2011

Role Call: Aaron Eckhart

Role Call is not a post about a persons strongest work or best work. Just their work that- for whatever reason- is on my mind, and why.

No, not that guy from Deep Blue Sea. Aaron Eckhart strikes me as one of those talented actors that, for whatever reason, everyone knows the face of but people rarely know the name of. Still, whether you know his name or not, his resume is undeniable. He's given us drama with the over-nominated under-awarded Rabbit Hole. He befriended Hero genre fans with his spectacular turn in The Dark Knight. He blew me away (pun intended) with Thank You for Smoking, effectively a one man show with him at the epicenter. And if you have romance on your mind, try Possession on for size. Starting today you can see him fight to save humanity inBattle: Los Angeles, but the title I'm recommending features him in a fight to save the entire planet. That's right ladies and gentlemen, I'm talking about the 2003 disaster film The Core.

It's easy to dismiss as a Roland Emmerich knock off, and it's certainly not based on the strongest science in cinema history. But to all of you willing to completely discount this title, i ask that you take a look at the cast, even beyond the aforementioned Mr.Eckhart: two time Oscar winner Hillary Swank, Oscar nominee Stanely Tucci, Oscar nominee Richard Jenkins, Delroy Lindo, Bruce Greenwood, Tcheky Karyo- the writers may be in doubt but the casting directors were on their game. Academy nobility and hollywood C-listers, you can't lose.

So I suggest you grab some friends, pop in this rental, and watch the world end. Then you can hit the theater and watch it end, again.

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