Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I bought that for a dollar!

If you haven't heard about the statue of Robocop that has been proposed (and denied) in the city of Detroit then I honestly have know idea how you can be reading this without your airways closing since you're obviously allergic to the Internet. Nonetheless, I'm glad you chose to stop by my humble blog- though you were probably trying to get somewhere else but were to woozy to type straight with all that Benadryl in your system.

Here's a quick recap: Dave Bing, Mayor of Detroit, asked an open ended question to the Internet and is now paying the price. Upon asking for ideas on how he could clean up the city, one twitter user suggested that they erect of statue of the Silver Servant himself- Robocop. Bing, being of sound mind and body, declined the idea. Unfortunately nobody could hear him over the sound of wildfire. Now the entire thing has progressed so far as to see the birth of a fund raising website (via Kickstart) devoted to corralling the needed funds to commission an artist to build said statue, which would then be erected in a public art space. Now normally I silently bare witness to an event like this- mentioning my more entertaining thoughts to those I choose to confide in; i.e. Watcher X and Kello. However, this story has two things that most Internet spread, movie related stories do not: Detroit, and Robocop.

Growing up my entire family lived in Detroit, and most still live in the surrounding area. This could well have something to do with why I took to Robocop so quickly as a child. Every other rated R movie I was exposed to reduced me to such a state of shivering terror that I could barely walk straight, let alone sleep at night. But I've been an adoring fan of Bob Morton, Clarence Boddicker and the gang since before I can remember- literally- despite mutant road kill and shotgun amputated arms. Which is why I went on down to the official website and made my donation as soon as I could (while still verifying that the site was legit). The minimum is $1, so even the young and monetarily challenged can rally around the Metal Marshal.

If you'd like serve the public trust, protect the innocent and uphold the law yourself, head over to There you can read the whole story, revel in the fact that the site exists, and make your own donation.

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