Monday, January 4, 2010

Resolving Resolutions with Resolute Resolution
Warning: 2010 spoilers!
Oh, what would a blog be without a post about new years resolutions? Resolutionless, that's what it would be. And while I have, of course, set some personal resolutions (stop kicking puppies, tell more people that crack is whack- that sort of thing), but I'm going to spare you all of that and get straight to the important stuff: Movies.
So, these are my movie resolutions for 2010.
1.) See more Independent and Foreign films.
When I first moved to Chicago, I used to love dragging Watcher X down the red-line to the one theater that both played first run Independent and Foreign films, and was remotely close to my apartment. I still remember being floored by The Last Mistress, and utterly appalled by Blood: The Last vampire in it's questionably comfortable seats.
But then our $5 theater re-opened and we got busy, and before I new it we hadn't been there in almost a year. I miss it. While my "only foreign films" phase ended at 20, I still enjoy them. So this year, we're going back! To the dismay of the aforementioned company.
2.) Bring back Instant Cassette.
Originally Instant Cassette was moth-balled when I went through a "re-discovery" rental phase. I was queueing up a lot of older movies I'd missed, and re-watching some I hadn't seen in years (I'm still to young to say "decades", and "decade" just sounds silly). But as the new-borns have re-entered my lists I think it's time old girl came back- not to mention I've still got stuff to say about the old titles.
3.) Expand my movie library.
This one is already underway as four (count 'em, 4) titles have made their way onto the floating shelves in the living-room since Christmas. That's two a week. Now obviously that's a pace I can't keep up but still it's a good start. My goal: Fill a whole, new shelf.
4.) Watch more movies with good friends.
If this vacation has taught me -or rather reminded- me of anything, it's the people I barely get to see now that I live in Illinois, and how much I loved watching movies with them! In the words of Veruca Salt: "I want more!"
Names to watch for 2010:
Columbus Short: I'm still putting my money on this one. His proven he could be leading man material- I wanna see him back it up with some meatier roles... Preferably ones in better movies than the completely unnecessary remake of 2007's Death at a Funeral.
Amanda Seyfried: I know a lot of people would disagree but I think this girl is going places. She's shown some range in the last couple years, I say we give her room to gallop and see what she does. She's certainly gonna be out there in 2010, let's hope their not all Nicholas Sparks adaptations.
Sam Worthington: 2009 was truly a break-out year for Worthington. He didn't do much in the middle but he emerged from domestic obscurity by beginning and ending the year with near-perfect performances in two huge titles... though one was admittedly "huger" than the other.
Zoe Saldana: Might as well put these two back to back. Not only did they have rather similar years, but that "huger" movie I mentioned before? They're in it together don'tcha know. All the same, we got to see her (or at least her movments and facial features) branch out a bit this year. I expect good things. Besides, even if I didn't she'd still be worth watching... literally... cause she's really good looking...
Diablo Cody: Once can be a fluke. Twice can be a coincidence. But three is a pattern. Here's hoping for a pattern.
The Wolfman: Anyone who knows me knows I'm partial to the furriest of all the "monsters", but that aside, this movie is looking better and better. Co-written by Andrew Walker (the same man who brought us Se7en among others) and chalk full of names that are actually worth mentioning, The Wolfman is at least worth considering even if your not excited like I am. But wait, there's more...
If The Wolfman turns out to be a win, it could be a tally in more than just the "classic movie re-makes" column. You see, director Joe Johnston's got another big name on his plate following Wolfman. Perhaps you've heard of it? It's a little art house film called First Avenger: Captain America. He's put his mark on the world of visual effects with other lesser known projects like... oh, I don't know... the original Star Wars trilogy, and as a Director he has a respectable -if not a bit fluffy- track record, but Wolfman would signify not only the biggest name on his record, but also the darkest.
Put simply, a great Wolfman would not only please me greatly, but also help ease my nerves when it comes time for Cap's modern debut.
So there you have it. A brief look through my eyes into the coming year. Stay tuned for my (holiday delayed) review of Sherlock Holmes. I hope the holidays found you well gentle reader; Happy New Year! And remember, crack is whack.

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